Weaver Cottage

For those who want to experience how the people used to live and work in Almelo, visiting this old and special property is a must.

In the heart of Almelo, near the great church, you will find a city-based townhouse dating back to 1700. A characteristic old house with timber walls, wall and ceiling paintings. In the weaver cottage there is a permanent exhibition of "Flax to Linen", including a 300 year old loom, spinning wheels, various textile tools and old tools.

Visiting the weaver cottage, the old history is fully experienced. On Saturdays the sidewalk mostly quite full of interested people. Regular demonstrations of old crafts like weaving, spinning, lace and silk painting are regularly given. There are also regular activities for the children.

You will find the Wevershuisje in the shadow of the Great Church. Entrance is free.