Meet, discover and relax

It is often the entertainment or relaxation after the effort or business meeting that makes a ( business) event memorable. From a tasty dinner, a relaxing drink, luxurious hotel room and swinging theatre all is within reach. Our team of event specialists can create a memorable day for you and your guests.

We have already selected a number of activities for you, including 'farmers golf', 'klootschieten' and Solex rides. But you can also think of canoeing, a  wagon ride, a convertible tour or a GPS tour . The possibilities are endless. You can view the activities and attractions page to see what 's possible.

Ask about our unlimited potential in business , entertainment and workshops at our event specialists at 0031(0)546-803000 or send an email to We like to create a customized proposal!

Farmers golf

A variation on the regular golf game. The farmer's golf course has only 12 holes. You will hit the 'golfkloot' with a lump of wood in as few strokes as possible to the bucket.

'Klootschieten' (Twents Curling)

'Klootschieten' is both a sport and a game. But for the most part it is a recreational doing sport. When it comes to 'klootschieten'; agility and muscle strength will make you throw the farthest. At the most unique places in Twente, we can organize half a day of 'klootschieten' for you.

Solex ride

Solex ride, enjoy with a speed of 30 km per hour. Tthe wind in your hair and in the background the happy sound of the snoaring solex. The trip will take you over beautiful forestspaths and traditional 'Twentse' roads. The various check points will give you some challenging assignments.

Cocktail workshop

A Cosmopolitan? Mojito? Mai Tai? After this workshop, you and your guests can make the most delicious cocktails! Our bartenders will give you a little history about these delicious drinks. After this you will go mix your own cocktail. Everyone learns the tricks of making delicious cocktails. Afterwords you can taste it yourself!

Tapas Workshop

A tapa (plural: tapas) is the Spanish term for an appetizer. Traditionally, tapas are ordered before dinner in Spanish cafe and are served with an alcoholic beverage (beer, wine, sherry). It is assumed that tapas are originally created to cover up drinks to prevent flies for flying in. Later that piece of bread was topped with meat or fish as smaller more attractive bites.

In this cooking class you and your group will prepare your own tapas. You and your guests will enjoy to have the knowledge and skills you have gained in this workshop. During and after the workshop you can enjoy your own tapas.

Theatre Workshop

At the Theatre Hotel you can not only just look at the differtent shows and performances, but you can also make theatre yourself! Have you always dreamed perform in your own theatre show? To shine on a big and beautiful stage and to preform in front of all your family, friends or colleagues? The theatre workshop is the perfect idea. Especially fun as teambuilding, get to know the theatrical side of your family, friends and colleagues.