Corporate Social Responsibility

The theatre Hotel Almeloand the Hammink family and staff are in the heart of the society. This is reflected in the lasting relationships that we have with various groups and agencies to unburden them ro to support or to entertain them.
The Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Responsibility is expressed in the following projects :

  • Theatre Hotel puts an effort to make each theatre season a wonderful one. With a minimum subsidy support, and a substantial contribution from the hotel and with love and conviction. Their task as City Theatre makes an important contribution to the cultural offerings of the city.
  • Theatre Hotel Almelo Theater Hof 88 Almelo have a collaboration. Toghether they offer a complete and versatile theatre season. This is based on the desire of the visitor, and thereby its the full responsibility as a city theater to amaze, amuse and move the audience with the widest possible range.
  • Theatre Hotel Almelo selflessly offers its own resources, space and materials, such as public relations and marketing hours, halls and rooms, programming costs, technical supplies and support as well as printing and distribution of promotional materials for the promotion of urban events as Twente Spring Festival, OFF in Almelo, 'Profronde' Almelo, Night of Almelo, etc.
  • In the opinion of the management and staff of Theatre Hotel they who spend time and effort for the welfare of others may also be put spotlight. Volunteers Scoop Welfare Almelo receives a monthly selection of theatre shows which they can visit at a reduced rate;
  • Theatre Hotel organizes various events for the Almelose public in order to show the potentials of Theatre Hotel. Suchs as the hotel, the theatre, the restaurant or event location possibilities. Like the 'Open Day', 'TheaterTipAvond' and Children's Afternoon.
  • For the promotion and development of amateur theatre in Almelo, the Theatre Hotel makes its theatre available at a special reduced rate, including the necessary support in engineering, administration, sales, service and promotion.
  • Several initiatives from agencies such as (sports ) schools, childcare centers, (sports ) clubs and associations, where possible, are warmly supported by financial assistance or the provision of goods or resources.
  • Theatre Hotel is convinced that our elderly should never be forgotten, especially during the holidays. Therefore the Theatre Hotel has a collaboration with the National elderyfund by organising an annual Christmas dinner for lonely elderly for over more than 10 years. Through the Home Care, Elderly Welfare Foundation, churches, the Red Cross and the Sunflower foundation the elderly who are eligible for the Christmas dinners are reached.
  • People who reach old age, are less mobile and therefore less likely to visit the theatre. And yet everyone should have access to the diverse range of theatre shows. Theatre Hotel Almelo and the foundation of Celebrate Life have therefor selected several theatre shows where the elderly, accompanied by volunteers, and without worry or obstacles can enjoy an evening out. Transport is arranged, as well as the parking, the cloakroom, tickets and a drink during the break or a drink and some snacks afterwards.
  • Management and staff of restaurant 'De Sociëteit' and the Theatre Hotel cycled in July 2013 from Yerseke (Sealand) an immense 247.5 miles on a double ' two pedal ' to bring the First mussels to Almelo. The sponsored bike ride cash proceeds over € 12,000 - which was donated to the children's ward of Hospital Group Twente Almelo.

In short, Theatre Hotel Almelo is a company in society with an eye for others and the things that touches them.